Now more than ever, companies have delivered us drills capable of conquering easily 90% of tasks thanks to incredible advancement in battery life, electrical motors and portability. If you’re looking to find out which cordless drill will suit your needs or if you’re looking to invest in a battery platform, you’re exactly where you need to be.

I’ve boiled down a mix of my own experience with a variety of drills and those of others. Different recommendations could be made with a variety of drills for different people, but I will stick to the important overall qualities of the tool.

Below you will find a brief list of the best cordless compact drills 2018 has to offer.




The good
Great 20v platform
Powerful for its size
3 light mode switch
The bad
No kickback prevention
Alot of complaints with the bit loosening in the chuck
What we think
One of the distinctive features of this drill is the 3 mode spotlight. The first setting being a trigger activated at the lowest brightness going to a mid-level brightness at the second setting and topping off with a 20 minute spotlight mode at its full 60 lumens. An incredibly well equipped and powerful drill overall.
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The good
KickBack Control safety
Various kits available
Metal ratcheting chuck
The bad
Small range of cordless tools from Bosch
Slower application speeds than its rivals
What we think
The drill weighs 2.6 lbs without battery and comes with a brushless motor.  An often underappreciated feature is the end piece of the chuck that doesn’t spin with the chuck, thus protecting what you’re drilling, along with the drill. It also has a great protection feature called “KickBack Control“, that protects you when your drill bit binds, preventing it from spinning violently.
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